To face the challenges of the future, we will need a scientifically-literate society – and a strong, diverse and representative group of new scientists! Concordia PsychOut! is a series of community science outreach initiatives developed by student and faculty volunteers in Concordia University’s Department of Psychology that aims to teach the wider community about our science, and improve accessibility of higher education for the next generation. See below for current (and past) opportunities.

Are you a student aged 16-19 who is curious about how the brain works?

Want to learn more about the scientific process by following a University student through their research?

Senior research students at Concordia University are offering a unique opportunity for students aged 16-19 to follow their thesis research project through all its steps via regular (online) meetings between January and April 2022. As well as introducing students to cutting-edge research as it happens via personalized mentoring, we hope to provide exposure to a wide range of research topics in psych/neuro, guidance in professional skills development, and encouragement to pursue the careers of their choice. This opportunity is open to all students, but will be particularly beneficial for students studying in Canada who do not already have access to mentors in higher education and science.

To apply, please fill in this short form.

For questions or to contact our team, email account “concordiapsychout”.


High school visits [paused due to pandemic]

Students of Dr. Emily Coffey’s undergraduate Perception and Sensation class (PSYC363, term classes participating to date: Fall 2018, Winter 2019, Fall 2019) research a topic of interest to them related to the course, for example, Synesthesia (when people hear colours or see music!). After developing some expertise and learning to communicate clearly and effectively, their final assignment involves presenting their work interactively to small groups of 16-year old students at a local public high school (Royal West Academy). This is an interesting and motivating challenge for the university students, and enriches the experiences of high school students. It’s also great fun. We’ll be back post-COVID!

EngAge Centre Living Lab “Meet me at the Mall” Project and senior’s centre visits [resuming when it’s safer]

Course students and our lab has participated in separate educational outreach events with retirees in the context of the Cavendish Mall project lead by Dr. Janis Timm-Bottos (December 2019, February 2020). Unfortunately a citizen scientist project also planned within this initiative was cancelled due to COVID-19, but we hope to do more with senior citizens in the future!